Tuesday, July 21, 2009

first stacked cake

so apparently i didn't completely screw up peyton's birthday cake. danielle asked me to do robyn's as well. not to worry, she said. it won't be as drastic as a guitar....just a simple mickey mouse cake.

well.....i personally find this kind of cake with mickey's face particularly cheesy...not to mention there's always a great possibility it can end up looking like this

...yeah i'm not sure when mickey got sideburns... anyway. so not only did i have to find a nonlame way to convey her love for mickey mouse in this cake, but danielle also decided she needed three layers. we found a couple of internet pics for inspiration and i got to bakin...

SEVEN cake mixes later.... i had a layer of chocolate which i iced in peanutbutter buttercream..

then my first ever fondant covering experience..

next came the strawberry and funfetti layers which were later iced with buttercream

and fondant...

ugh this picture posting is taking too long... anyways... TEN hours later: (and i appologize that i have not yet figured out how to rotate pictures in the blog)

still needed a little somethin...

i do appologize to whoever's butt that is but it seems this is the only kind of picture we could capture.
so..................cake orders anyone?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

last day

"Please don't forget your drink when you put them in the freezer." This post-it note so tactfully placed on the staff room's refrigerator is exactly the kind of stuff I'll miss about the Natchitoches Parish Library. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure people do not often purposefully forget their drink when they put them in the freezer. However if someone went to retrieve a single drink and found that enough drink to constitute the pronoun "them" had magically appeared, then perhaps they would indeed become confused and accidentally "forget" some of the drinks that mysteriously materialized after they placed their single drink in the freezer.

do i really want to work at a daycare? i mean kids are expected to do funny things and speak grammatically incorrectly. but when an adult does it, its so rare and special......well ok no. not in natchitoches. certainly not rare at the library.

if you ever get the priviledge to visit the sacred NPL staff room, you'll find that it holds a strong resemblance to an elementary school classroom reserved for either kindergarten or ESL. there are printed signs covering everything. except instead of single words describing what each object is, we have complete phrases explaining what to do and what not to do...commands not to flood the room using the water cooler, stink up the room using the provided microwave (which also holds its own note reminding you to clean it), and my personal favorite: "TAKE YOU KEY WITH YOU." Following this insightful statement is a 29 word run-on statement composed of 3 would-be sentences separated by a nice scattering of commas....look i'm just impressed we spelled "mosquitoes" and "gnats" correctly in the lengthy explanation on why it was so important to "take you key with you."

oh NPL how i'll miss you